All boat reservations and boat rentals, done through the Genevaboats booking website on behalf of IBMC SARL Geneva Switzerland, implies a complete agreement of the client and his guests with the present general conditions of the company, as part of a written or verbal contract that has led to the rental of a boat with pilot/skipper, for a fixed or undetermined period of time. Any passenger on board such a rented boat has to have read the present general conditions in order to comply with them. For safety reasons, on rented boats, the pilot/skipper’s decisions are indisputable. The eventual damage caused by clients and their guests to the rented boats can be charged to the client at the price of new if it turns out that insurances would not cover them. Persons sailing, or staying, on a rented boat engaged in watersports, or any other sport or leisure activity, act under their sole and complete responsibility. The navigation and the stay on board of a rented boat is under the sole and complete responsibility of it’s passengers, and in the case of minors, of their legal representatives, including all their personal belongings and the values they may carry. The legal for of the company is in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Photos, information, and content, published on the website may be modified at any time and are non-contractual, except for the present general conditions.