Boat Rental in Montreux

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Thanks to our boat rental service in Montreux, you will have the opportunity to discover Lake Geneva.

Montreux is a small Swiss town built on the side of a mountain that plunges into the lake. It is known for the many artists who have made it their home, such as Freddy Mercury of Queen, who lived there for several years. A statue of him can be seen on the quays of Montreux.

Among the most famous festivities in Switzerland is the Montreux Jazz Festival, which takes place at the beginning of July. The Montreux Jazz Festival is an iconic event that attracts internationally renowned artists such as Elton John, Miles Davis, David Bowie, and Stevie Wonder. Deep Purple uses the word “Montreux” in their song “Smoke on the Water,” which relates to the fire at the Montreux Casino. During this period, it’s best to plan a few weeks in advance to rent a boat in Montreux in order to enjoy this experience.

When you leave the quay on your motorboat, you can see the Glion Hotel School and the Swiss Hotel Management School in the background, nestled in the heights of Montreux.

On the shores of Lake Geneva, between Montreux and Villeneuve, you will have the opportunity to see the Château de Chillon; it almost looks like it was built on the lake. This medieval monument is one of the most visited attractions in Switzerland. Viewing it from the boat gives you a different angle; you will see the walls going down directly into the water. Just in front of the building, the depth of the lake is already quite significant, at 150 m.

After passing the castle, you will reach the municipality of Villeneuve in the canton of Vaud. From Villeneuve, you will see the mouth of the Rhone, the river that feeds Lake Geneva with fresh water from the Swiss Alps, off in the distance. By raising your eyes, you will have a magnificent view of the snowy mountain peaks with the lake below. This landscape is notably the worthy inspiration for a painting by Swiss painter Ferdinand Hodler.

Boat rental in Montreux will allow you to head for Clarens. The famous Clinique La Prairie, which provides specialized anti-aging and detoxification treatments, is located here.

Prominently positioned on the shores of Lake Geneva in the commune of Vevey, you will pass the headquarters of the multinational corporation Nestlé. To retrace the history of food, Nestlé has opened a museum—the Alimentarium—whose emblem is a fork planted in the lake, which you will see during your travels.

Just after that, with your feet still in the water, you will find the “Le Lac” Villa, a creation of the famous architect Le Corbusier. You can also stop at the port of Vevey, which is now a recognized and iconic museum.

A visit to a museum devoted to Charlie Chaplin, a famous actor who lived in this region for 25 years, is another activity available to you during your boat trip.

If you continue a little further on your way, you will start to arrive in the Lavaux region. This iconic region is known for its vineyards and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Climb aboard your rental boat once more and set sail for Montreux, but before you do, take a little trip out to sea, put your wakeboard on your feet, and surf the wake created by your boat.

Our wide selection of boat rentals in Montreux, with or without skipper, will seduce you. Visit the Lake Geneva boat rental page and choose a motor yacht or water sport boat, such as our Correct Craft, MasterCraft, or Cobalt. We will answer your requests by email or phone.