Would you like to enjoy yourself for a few hours or a whole day while taking advantage of Lake Geneva? Do you want to live a unique experience in Geneva? You’ve come to the right place. Genevaboats offers you a boat rental service on Lake Geneva, which can take you to Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux, Yvoire and Evian, or anywhere else on the lake if you wish.

Genevaboats offers a personalized service to its customers. This personalized service, guaranteed to customers, distinguishes Genevaboats and makes it a reference in boat CHARTER services on Lake Geneva.

The Experience of Boat Rental in Geneva

Genevaboats has a varied fleet of boats on the lake. In addition to answering all your desires, we offer you a wide range of high quality boats to make your experience on Lake Geneva unforgettable. Taking a boat tour on Lake Geneva with Genevaboats allows you to enjoy various leisure activities on Lake Geneva. Whether you prefer to take a tour on a motor boat, on a sailboat, on a yacht or on a fishing boat, Genevaboats offers it to you.

Do you have a sporting desire? Genevaboats has boats for wakeboarding, wake surfing and waterskiing. Do you want to have fun without getting on a board? We can take you tubing for everyone’s enjoyment or simply a trip so that you can swim in the lake away from the crowd or take a tour of Lake Geneva to enjoy the surrounding nature.

On the contrary, are you more in a spirit of relaxation? We can take you on a cruise on the lake to explore different regions in Switzerland, Geneva, Montreux, Vevey, Lausanne or in France, Yvoire and Evian. If you would like to stop for lunch in a restaurant, we can advise you and take care of the reservations.

Do you want to experience another aspect of boat rental in Geneva? We can organize fishing trips so that you can experience a unique activity during which you will have the chance to fish for perch, white fish or pike.
Beyond the activities that can be done on a daily basis, Genevaboats can make you experience fireworks in a completely different way, from the lake. The boats will be positioned on Lake Geneva in strategic places so that the view will allow you to experience the magic of the moment.

A tour of Lake Geneva with or without skipper

All the activities offered on Lake Geneva by Genevaboats are guaranteed with a boat captain who will take care of everything so that your only responsibility is to enjoy the experience to the full. You are in a more independent mood and have a boating license? We can also rent you our boats without a captain.

You want to enjoy the lake in a simple and unforgettable way? Look no further. Genevaboats will rent you its boats with a simple call or e-mail.

Pardo 38 yacht view of seating area and sunroof
Pardo 38 boat interior
Pardo 38 boat
Pardo 38 boat
Pardo 43 yacht sailing on the water
Pardo 38 yacht sailing on the water with a clear blue sky

Pardo 38

Price : 1100 CHF / Per hour

very comfortable - sunroof

wc - ac - cooler - cabin

8 passengers + 1 pilot

Length 38ft / 12m

Azimut 55 yacht on the water sundeck
Azimut yacht interior with seating area and television
Azimut yacht interior design
Azimut Atlantis 55 boat interior

Azimut Atlantis 55

Price : upon request

large sunbathings - living-rooms

WC - shower rooms - kitchen

11 passengers + 1 pilot

length 55 ft / 17 m

Greenline 40 boat
Bateau Greenline 40 amarré sur l'eau
Greenline 40 boat view from the interior
Greenline 40 boat interior
Greenline 40 boat sailing

Greenline 40

Price : 1400 CHF / Per hour

very comfortable

wc - cooler

8 passengers + 1 pilot

Length 40FT / 12M

Lynx 30

Price : 770 CHF / Per hour




LENGHT 30FT / 10 M

Cobalt R3 boat sailing on Lake Geneva

Cobalt R3

Price : 450 CHF / per hour

very comfortable - sunroof

Bowrider - watersports

6 passengers + 1 pilot

Length 23ft / 7.3m

Cobalt 262 boat sailing


Price : 480 CHF / per hour

bowrider - sunroof

bathing platform and ladder

7 passengers + 1 pilot

length 26ft / 8.5 m

Cobalt R7 Surf boat

Cobalt R7 SURF

Price : 550 CHF / PER HOUR




LENGTH 27FT / 8.5 M

Cobalt CS23 boat

Cobalt CS23

Price : 2800 CHF / Per day

very comfortable

wakeboard - waterski - tubing

6 passengers + 1 pilot

Length 23 ft / 7.2 m

Saxdor 320 GTO boat
Saxdor 320 GTO boat docked

Saxdor 320 GTO

Price : 690 CHF / Per hour

wc - cooler

8 passengers + 1 pilot

Length 32FT / 10.3M

Saxdor 320 GTC boat sailing
Saxdor 320 GTC boat on the water
Saxdor 320 GTC boat interior
Saxdor 320 GTC yacht driving cabin

Saxdor 320 GTC

Price : 690 CHF / Per hour

wc - cooler

8 passengers + 1 pilot

Length 32FT / 10.3M

MasterCraft NXT 24 boat
MasterCraft NXT 24 boat in the water
MasterCraft NXT 24 boat on the water

MasterCraft NXT 24

Price : 690 CHF / Per hour

very comfortable

Wakeboard - Wakesurf

8 passengers + 1 pilot

Length 24FT / 7.3M

Malibu LSV 23 boat on the water
Malibu LSV 23 boat
Malibu LSV 23 boat on the water with a rider behind it on a wakeboard

Malibu LSV 23

Price : 540 CHF / per hour

very comfortable

Excellent watersports boat

6 passengers + 1 pilot

length 22ft / 7m

Beneteau Oceanis 48 yacht sailing on the lake with mountains in the background

Beneteau Oceanis 48

Price : 1100 CHF / per hour

WC- Kitchen - Bathing

minimum 4 hours

10 passengers + 2 pilots

length 48 ft / 15 m

Du Four 382 boat

Dufour 382

Price : 950 CHF / per hour

sailing - cruising

minimum 3 hours

WC - Cooler

7 passengers + 1 pilot

length 38ft / 12m

Familiy Sailing on Lake Geneva

Beneteau First 20

Price : 250 CHF / per hour

sailing - cruising

minimum 2 hours

4 passengers + 1 pilot

length 20 ft / 6 m

Rent a fishing boat

Lake Cruiser

Price : 250 CHF / per hour

cushion benches

fishing equipment

7 passengers + 1 pilot

length 25 ft / 7.5 m