Joker Boat boats are made by combining Italian craftsmanship, innovation, and decades of experience from the manufacturer. Joker Boat is specialized in semi-rigid boats, the tubes are made of Hypalon — a high-quality material to guarantee high performance and durability of the boats.

Joker Boat: rigid-hulled inflatable boats made in Italy

Joker Boat boats are designed primarily for fishing and recreational activities. Boats are built to maximize space onboard, which can be tailored to meet each individual’s requirements. The engines of Joker Boats are outboard, which makes maintenance easier. With their semi-rigid hulls — easily replaceable if damaged — these boats are also ideal for novice sailors.

Buying a Joker Boat is not only recommended for its quality finish, but also for its smooth sailing

Joker Boat Clubman

The Joker Boat Clubman offer absolute comfort. Due to their spaciousness and stability, they are ideal for both fishing and boating. For sunbathing, add a deck at the front of the boat.

The Clubman 28 will be your ideal boat for days on the lake. This boat offers plenty of storage space, a convertible dining table and a fridge compartment to keep your drinks cool.

The Clubman 35 is ideal for days you want to spend sunbathing. Whether it’s in the bow or the stern of the boat, you can comfortably lie in the sun. In addition, this model has a cabin where you’ll be able to sleep while rocked by the rhythm of the waves.

Joker Boat Coaster

The Joker Boat Coasters are performance-oriented boats. Tougher, durable, and ideal in any weather, they’ll also be your perfect tender. The Coaster 470 will quickly become your favourite ally for cruising on the water. It is light enough for unlicensed motors, requires very little maintenance, and offers good seaworthiness.

The Coaster 650 is the boat with the legendary hull design. It offers an optimal sailing experience and plenty of space in the bow and stern for sunbathing.

Joker Boat Barracuda

The Joker Boat Barracuda are specially made for fishing. There is ample storage space on the deck, as well as rod holders and a walk around console.

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