Restaurant cruises

Our restaurant-cruises is one of the great pleasures we offer, with a large choice of lakeside restaurants in different styles. We reach them by boat, to go and have lunch or dinner, by reservation. Among the most appreciated, the Auberge d’Hermance, the Hotel du Port in Yvoire, the Hotel Royal in Evian, the Terrasse du Petit Palais at the Montreux Palace, and the Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne, which offers their Guide Michelin starred restaurant by Chef Anne-Sophie Pic, or the Café Beau Rivage, all of them with beautiful terraces.

  • Restaurant La véranda in Evian-les-bains - Lake Geneva
  • Les Fresques restaurant in Evian-les-Bains
  • Hotel du Port Restaurant in Yvoire - Geneva Boats
  • View on Lake Geneva from Hotel du port in Yvoire
  • RestaurantLes cygnes in Margencel, France - Geneva Boats
  • Restaurant The petit palais in Montreux
  • Outdoor seating area of Montreux Cafe Bellagio on a sunny day
  • Exterior of Hotel Beau-Rivage - Geneva Boats
  • Anne-Sophie Pic, Michelin 3 stars chef of Beau Rivage Palace
  • Beau-Rivage Café in Lausanne
  • Jean-Edern, chef of Le Floris restaurant in Anières - Geneva Boats
  • Terrace of Le Floris restaurant on Lake Geneva
  • Le Floris restaurant in Anières - Geneva Boats
  • Auber Restaurant in Hermance - Geneva Boats
  • Exterior of restaurant Auberge in Hermance - Geneva Boats
  • Café and restaurant Le Quai in Hermance - geneva Boats
  • other private cruises